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We also offer Artworks from local artist, and beyond. We generally sell modernist pieces, and contemporary works that will look absolutely amazing in your home. We have frames, wall art, and larger floor standing sculptures. We also have modern Pixel Art, Abstract Art, and other Pop Art. These one off pieces will elevate your rooms, and make them a wow factor.  We also sell posters, prints and visual artwork.

A dining room would be perfect with one of our art pieces framing the room. Our art remains a constant talking piece for new guests and old, day in day out. We have mirrored wall art, and canvas art of all varieties. 3 Piece Wall art is super fun and funky, and will put that ‘pop’ of colour in your home. Our 3 piece canvas art is great because it can almost make a space look multi dimensional. We also have 5 piece canvas art and more. We also have famous art pieces from our local artists and more.

We love our collections of African Art and more. View this article! If you are looking for more industrial furniture, check it out here.


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